A child’s education is the joint responsibility of parents and school. Greater co-operation between the two, will be more fruitful for the child’s smooth and steady progress.

  1.  As a first step in this direction, Parents-Teachers Meeting is organised to stimulate co-operation and interaction between the teachers and the parents. The scheduled dates for such meetings will be mentioned in the Academic Calendar of the school given to the students. Parents must check the Academic Calendar in advance and attend all such meetings regularly.
  2. We earnestly recommend that the parents and guardians familiarise themselves with this Diary and the rules it contains.
  3. We also recommend that parents check the Diary of their ward/s regularly and enforce regularity and discipline at home and see that the lessons are prepared and the assigned home work done. Remarks made in the Diary should be seen, countersigned and followed up. Failure to do so may be detrimental to the overall progress and holistic development of the pupil in the school.
  4. Parents and guardians are strictly forbidden not to visit their wards or teachers in the classrooms without permission. In urgent cases, students may be contacted through the School Office only after seeking the permission of the Principal.
  5. Withdrawal of your ward from classes for mere social functions is not recommended, because it hampers the child’s academic progress in school.
  6. Parents/guardians are requested to notify the School in writing of any change in their address and phone number.
  7. As the medium of instruction in the school is English, a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home will help your ward to follow his/her work easily.
  8. Any wilful damage done by a pupil to the buildings, furniture, apparatus or any other school property is liable to be made good by the parent/guardian.
  9. Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the permission. They will not be called to answer telephone calls during class hours.
  10. Each pupil should get his/her Progress Report Card signed by his/her parent/guardian within two days of its receipt.
  11. Any student found using unfair means in any of the examinations will be debarred from the examination.
  12. The school reserves the right to ask a student to discontinue if the student’s academic progress is found unsatisfactory, or his/her overall conduct in the school does not conform to the school’s disciplinary code of conduct.