This year  the 77th  Independence Day was celebrated with much honor and solemnity at our All Saints’ Church Sr. Sec. School. The school compound was decorated with various festoons, banners and flags. The day’s program started with the hoisting of the national flag by our honorable Chief Guest, Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel and Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Shabnam Haque followed by National Anthem. Then there was the march past. In march past, the troops of all the four houses walked with confidence and pride. The chief guest took the salute. Everybody heard the chief guest’s speech with rapt attention. His speech enkindled the patriotic zeal in the minds of the audience. Students sang patriotic songs and danced to the tunes of patriotic songs. This day really became an important and memorable day.

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The G-20 SUMMIT was explained in the school morning assembly at All Saints’ Church Sr. Sec. School.

G-20 summit
G-20 summit
G-20 summit


Republic day celebrations take place with patriotic fervor and zest at All Saints’ Church Sr. Sec. School as the children in all grades learn about India’s political history, freedom struggle and the Constitution as a part of their curriculum. They learn how the great sons of the motherland have fought to attain freedom and make India a sovereign state.  Therefore, the children feel inspired and participate actively in the Republic Day ceremony and celebration.


Christmas was celebrated in the school on 19th December 2019. Christmas brings cheer and love and we celebrated it with the same fervour, spreading the message of love and joy among our staff and children.


Children’s Day was celebrated in the school on 14th November 2019. The day was made special for the children by organizing a fete in the school. The staff members put up various stalls of food items and games. All the students enjoyed a lot and it was a fun filled day.


On the occasion of All Saints’ Day which is celebrated on 1st of November, All Saints’ Church Sr. Sec. School planned an ‘All Saints’ Week’ from 1st to 7th of November 2019 – A full week where the normal timetable was suspended, and replaced with extension and enrichment House Wise Activities for all the students. The activities involved Quiz, Debate, Singing, Dance, PPT, Salad Making, Collage etc.

The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal under the able guidance of their respective House In-charges. Here is the glimpse of the week:-

Day 1–Quiz Competition

Winner-Yellow House
Runner Up-Green House

Day 2–Debate Competition

Day 3–Spell Bee & Salad Making Competition

Winner (Spell Bee)-Blue House
Runner Up (Spell Bee)-Green House
Winner (Salad Making)-Green House
Runner Up (Salad Making)-Yellow and Red House

Day 4–PPT & Song Competition

Winner (PPT)-Blue House
Runner Up (PPT)-Red House
Winner (Song Competition)-Yellow House
Runner Up (Song Competition)-Blue House

Day 5–Collage Making, Rangoli Making & Mehendi Competition

Winner (Collage)-Blue House
Runner Up (Collage)-Yellow House
Winner (Rangoli)-Red House
Runner Up (Rangoli)-Blue House
Winner (Mehendi)-Bhumi (Yellow House)
Runner Up (Mehendi)- Sobiya (Yellow House) & Priya (Green House)

Day 6–Dance Competition

Winner-Yellow House
Runner Up-Green House


All Saints’ Church School solemnly celebrated Teachers’ day with great enthusiasm on 4th September 2019. Students performed a show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. The programme incorporated poems, songs, dance etc. They also entertained teachers by arranging fun games for them. They indicated that, teachers play a vital role in making their pupil accountable citizens of tomorrow and wonderful human beings. All teachers enjoyed and appreciated the programme. The Principal, Mrs. Vinita John addressed all the teachers with her inspiring words. She thanked all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hardwork. Thereafter, as a token of love and appreciation, teachers indulged in fun filled activities that marked the celebration.


Our school celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor on 15th August, 2019 to mark the 73rd year of freedom.

Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel (Hon. Chairperson, All Saints’ Church Shiksha Samiti) graced the occasion with his benign presence as the Chief Guest. The event commenced with a prayer by Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel. It was followed by a musical rendition of patriotic song by the school choir.

The Chief Guest enlightened the students through his words of wisdom. The programme concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the principal, Mrs. Vinita John.


On Saturday, 20th July 2019, the All Saints’ Church School family gathered for the Dedication Service in the school. The programme began with the Prayer Song ‘ऐ हमारे बाप तू जो आसमां पे है’ by the school staff and choir. Scriptures were read from the holy books, Mrs. Sharon Hiskiel from the Bible, Mrs. Eram Ahmed from the Quran, Mrs. Meenu Sharma from the Gita and Mrs. Daya Sehgal from the Guru Granth Sahib. Hon. Chairperson, Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel, enlightened the students through his message. The Intercessory Prayers were offered by the teachers. The principal, Mrs. Vinita John, lead the staff in taking the pledge while the School Captain, Ronika Chatterjee, lead the students in taking the pledge. The service culminated with the Lord’s Prayer.


Investiture Ceremony is a formal ceremony of conferring tittles and investing powers to the members of the school council. Its aim is to empower students to work in partnership with staff and to provide opportunities to students to develop leadership skills.
The investiture ceremony for the academic session 2019-20 was held on Tuesday, 16th July 2019. The newly elected school council was conferred with badges and sashes by the Principal, Mrs. Vinita John and the Hon. Chairperson, Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel. The programme was anchored by Mrs. Deepika Gardner. She thanked each and every one for making it a success and thanked the Principal for motivational words.
The members of the School Council –
School Captain – Ronika Chatterjee (XII Science)
Sports Captain – Rahul Kumawat (XII Commerce)
Cultural Secretary – Shabana Aashi (XII Arts)


Captain – Sunil Kumar Kalwaniya (XI Science)

Vice Captains –
1. Anam Jafar (IX B)
2. Sanil Gupta (IX A)
3. Aalik Qureshi (VIII A)
4. Yash Dadhich (VIII A)


Captain – Raghvi Sharma (XI Arts)

Vice Captains –
1. Raj Kumar Sharma (IX A)
2. Ramesh Kumar Kalwaniya (IX A)
3. Saba Khan (VIII B)
4. Aqsa Hussain (VIII B)


Captain – Raj Laxmi Naruka (XI Science)

Vice Captains –
1. Chanchal Saini (IX B)
2. Sakshika Meena (IX A)
3. Aatika Shamshi (VIII A)
4. Harsh Kumar Sen (VIII B)


Captain – Grace Sharma (XI Science)

Vice Captains –
1. Mukul Meena (IX B)
2. Riya Chaturvedi (IX A)
3. Ashar Buland (VIII A)
4. Sumaiyya Ali (VIII A)


The celebration of Golden Jubilee culminated with a thanks giving service on 4th July 2019 in the school campus. The service commenced with the Bible Reading followed by a prayer. The staff and the school choir presented songs. Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel, the Chairperson, School Management enlightened the students through his message. The principal, Mrs. Vinita John apprised everyone with the history of the school and its development. On this occasion the website of the school was also launched. The programme ended with the National Anthem.


All Saints’ Church School celebrated the first day of May as Labour Day to acknowledge the efforts of Class IV employees. The students celebrated the Labour Day with a special assembly to express gratitude to the class IV employees working in the school. The employees were graced with garlands as a mark of respect.
After the presentation by the students, the Principal Mrs. Vinita John, and the Hon. Chairperson Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel congratulated the workers and thanked them for their selfless services.
The function culminated with a group photograph.


A Farewell Function on Saturday, 4th May 2019 was organized in the school premises, to thank and honour the valuable contribution of our teachers Mrs. Mala Malvea & Mrs. Vandana William.



All Saints’ Church Sr. Sec. School, one of the prestigious institutions in Jaipur celebrated its 50th year of existence this year. The Golden Jubilee Celebration was held on 20th of January 2019 at Birla Auditorium, C-Scheme, Jaipur. The event was held with a great zeal and enthusiasm. The function included various performances ranging from patriotism, folk culture, bollywood, horror, social issues and many more. A galaxy of dignitaries graced the occasion with their presence. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Rt. Rev. Bishop Darbara Singh, Diocese of Rajasthan, CNI. Commencing on a devotional note by the Honorable Chairman, Rev. Sandeep Hiskiel, the celebration embraced various facets of culture and society.

Honoring and appreciating the achievers with accolades, the Annual Prize Distribution for the session 2017-18 was also conducted. The staff, which completed their 25 years of service in the school, was also felicitated by the Chief Guest.

Annual Report for the session 2017-18 was also released and read by the Honorable Secretary and Principal, Mrs. Vinita John. The most memorable moments of the function were marked by the precious words of advice and appreciation by the chief guest during an address to the parents. Overall, the celebrations concluded on a happy note encouraging the students to establish further milestones in the journey of success.


Christmas is a time of happiness for all. A time to give, take, share, laugh. A time to put all our difference behind us.


Celebrating a New India… A prosperous and a more dynamic India… India as our forefathers imagined it to be – leading the world at the forefront.


Children’s Day was celebrated on 14th November 2018 A school fete was organized in the school by for the children by school staff.


A handful of words can never really encompass the true nature of a teacher. Teachers are the representatives of the only constant thing in the world: – CHANGE

They shake us out of complacency and change it into ambition; they convert potential into achievement. The change awkward bubbling four-year-olds into successful men and women of the future.

All Saints’ is only become what it is today, because of our teachers who have nurtured our school over the last 50 years.

For that teachers, we are eternally grateful.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, students gave a wonderful performance and thanked their teachers. After the celebration in school, the entire staff went for a Staff Picnic.


Ask not what your country has done for you; ask what you have done for your country.Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August with great pride and solemnity. Management, Staff and Students gathered to salute the National Flag.